The Westmorland Residents Association website was first established in January 2007, for the benefit of residents in the Westmorland and Worsley areas, as well as for local businesses. The primary function of the site is to provide residents and business owners, within the geographical districts of Westmorland and Worsley, information on such matter as:

  • Local Issues and Events
  • Local Government (Community Board & City Council)
  • Bus Timetables, Rubbish Collection etc.
  • Opportunity to announce Community Events
  • A regular Community Newsletter
  • Information about local Businesses and Services



Annual General Meeting and Committee Changes for 2019/2020

Our AGM was held on Sunday 10 November, at the Old Stone House, and there was a very pleasing turnout of residents. The main areas of discussion were speed limits, the Cashmere Road footpath, the new subdivision opposite Oderings Nursery, the plantings in the Eastern Valley Reserve, fire danger from overgrown vegetation, the bus service and the annual barbeque and picnic. We also heard from elected representative Cr Anne Galloway and Community Board member Andrei Moore,and they were congratulated on their succes at the recent Local Body elections, as was Community Board member Debbie Mora who unable to attend the AGM. Then followed a very interesting talk on Predator Free Port Hills and Predator Free Banks Peninsula initiatives, from Marie Gray and Jeremy Agar.


All the committee members from last year offered to stand again, and they were duly re-elected. There was a nomination for a new committee member, Glenn Shanks and he too was elected.


The committee has since re-elected Lindsay Richards as Chairman, Jill Kinley as Secretary and Philip Stockbridge as Treasurer. A full list of your 2019/2020 Committee can be found on the "Contact Us" page.


South Christchurch Lions Club Seeks Members

The Lions Club of South Christchurch has existed for more than 50 years as a service club, and has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to projects and meeting the needs of the  young within the South Christchurch community.

Like many service organisations, it has become increasingly difficult to attract new members and, from more than 40 members in the 1990s, there are now less than 20 active members.

The club is now making a plea to anyone (male or female) who would like to learn more about the club, and its activities, and perhaps consider joining. Anyone interested is invited to contact Ivan Lawson at 361-1165 or Barry Scott at 322-5411



In July 2017 we set up a Facebook page which is intended to be a source of information within the community, for the community.  One of the benefits is that we can quickly disperse urgent information as necessary - such as in the event of a fire, or flooding etc.  We invite you to join the page and contribute. As it is a "closed" group, you will be asked to answer 3 simple "validation" questions to qualify for acceptance.

Please Note: Our Facebook page is Westmorland Residents Association NOT the Westmorland Community page.