As you probably know by now, our bus service is under threat. ECAN's recent bombshell, that the entire 145 Bus Route (Westmorland to Eastgate) is to be discontinued, has concerned many people - particularly those families that rely on the service for daily travel for their school-age children.

The WRA has already expressed it's concern about a number of factors relating to the service - such as the route within Westmorland itself, the ultimate destination of the service (Eastgate), and the types of buses used at certain periods of the day - and we intend to make a formal submission at the council's LTP (Long Term Plan) hearings coming up next month.

We have also enlisted the help of our elected representatives to help plead our case, and we are getting support from residents from outside the area, who also want the service retained. In addition, there is a petition underway, and anyone wanting to add their names can do so at 15 Highcrest Heights. The petition is accessible at all times, and is situated in the front porch at that address.

The LTP (Long Term Plan) consultation documents have been delivered to all households, and the public consultation period runs until March 26. We urge all residents to make submissions of their own, if you have strong views on the subject. It's a simple equation - if you want the bus service retained, or altered in any way, make your thoughts known. The submission documents can also be found on-line, by clicking on the following link:



In response to many complaints from Worsleys Road residents, and approaches from both the Cracroft and Westmorland Residents' Associations, regarding the non-notifiable granting of a consent to provide a road link between Worsleys Road and Westmorland, the attached Memorandum was received in December 2017 from Council.


The Memorandum outlines the concerns raised by all interested parties, and Council's response to those concerns. However, the Cracroft and Westmorland Residents' Associations are not satisfied with the situation, as it currently stands, and intend to have more discussions with Council over the matter.




The attached PDF as supplied by the CCC and provides an insight into the Old Stone House - past, present and future.