Predator Free Port Hills is a backyard trapping initiative in the urban fringe surrounding the Port Hills and Lyttelton harbour.  The vision is to have a trap in one of every five households within five years.  The focus is on trapping rats, possums, weasels, stoats and ferrets.

Contact us, to learn more about:

  • What pests there are in urban areas like Westmorland
  • What harm pests do
  • What you can do to help our native wildlife
  • How the traps work and what is the best trap for your household

We already have more than 18 families with traps in their back yards in Westmorland. 

Traps can be purchased or borrowed, are subsidised by the Summit Road Society.

For more information see the website:

Or contact your local co-ordinator, Lynette Hartley, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




In 2018, residents of Worsleys Road, supported by both the Cracroft and Westmorland Residents' Associations, queried Council regarding the granting of a consent to provide a link between Worsleys Road and the Westmorland Heights development, Council advised that the Developer had exercised an existing "non-notifiable" consent to allow the connection to be made, but it will not be opened for use until the Cashmere Road / Worsleys Road / Hoon Hay Road intersection is upgraded, which is now scheduled for completion sometime in the latter half of 2021. Watch this space !




The attached PDF as supplied by the CCC and provides an insight into the Old Stone House - past, present and future.