• CCC Drainage Work Postponed


Land Drainage Recovery


As a consequence of a very wet winter, work on the new stormwater storage area in Sutherlands Basin was being postponed for a few months. Work has begun again, and the latest advice we have for completion is May 2019. More details can be found here.




Westmorland, Cracroft and Cashmere Resident’s Associations


The Port Hills fires, traffic congestion at Cashmere Road intersections and the establishment of the Adventure Park has shown the need for Resident’s Associations in adjacent areas to work closely together. WECCA is a meeting of the Associations and a chance to discuss issues of common interest such as fire safety, traffic issues and emergency preparedness.


So far resolutions that have been reached by conses include:

  • Making a submission to the CCC Draft Annual Plan in favour of keeping Worsleys, Cashmere and Hoon Hay Road's intersection improvement in the coming 2018/2019 financial year.
  • Asking the Council to produce a vegetation plan for the hills behind our residential areas including good fire breaks and plenty of green indigenous plants like flax that don’t burn easily.


To find out more visit the WECCA3 Facebook page.


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